About Hydroponics World Qatar

We are the first company providing the Qatari market with the latest regulations for hydroponics. Despite the establishment of the company, which was in the middle of 2017, we formed a mass base customer that is still expanding. In the State of Qatar, we were the first to provide the market with "everything related to hydroponics." So we took it as the company slogan. The World of Hydroponics Company focuses on keeping up with everything new and modern in global markets in agriculture and hydroponics in particular. 

We take pride in representing the international brand such as Zhenghzhou Lyine Machinery and Equipment Co. LTD - LYINE (Fodder Container & Hydroponics Systems) – China, Shenzshen Keisu Technology Co. LTD – (Grow media) China, Agromer Biosen Co. LTD – (Organic and Chemical Fertilizers) - Turkey, Gulf Company of Agriculture for Organic Fertilizers – (Organic Fish Fertilizer) Sultanate of Oman and Galuku International for Hydroponics Products  Coco Peat) – Sri Lanka.

As a socially responsible corporate citizen, we constantly support the diverse Hydroponics agro communities in the country by sharing our knowledge free of charge through a range of farmer training initiatives whist constantly innovating and promoting better use of technology.

How We Do It?