What is a coupon or promotional code?


 - A coupon or promotional code discounts the price on a single item or an entire purchase.

 - The discount is reflected as either a percentage off or as a specific amount from the entire purchase order.

 - You can get coupons and promotional discounts on purchase or off delivery fees.


How do I get a coupon or promotional code?


We are keen on providing our customers regularly with satisfactory discounts, coupon and promotional codes which will be available through Hydroponics World newsletter and Website.


How do I use Hydroponics World Coupon?


Simply add your valid coupon code during checkout when you finish adding your items to your shopping cart and you will get instant discount from the total amount of the purchase.


My coupon/promotional code is not working


 - Check the date and validity of the coupon as some coupons/promotional codes have expiry dates.

 - Only one discount is applied for each purchase order.

 - Some coupons may require a minimum purchase to be activated.

Free delivery promotions are applied for qualified orders.