Container farms (20ft) 500kg / Day

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Container farms (20ft) 500kg / Day

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The fodder container is suitalbe for large scale animal husbandry with dailly out put 500KG.

It includes forage growth system, temperature and humidity control systems, ventilation system, sterilization system, irrigation system and light suppliment system. 

Space save: Vertical multi-layer machenism, the out put per unit area is 4-8 times higher than ordinary land. 

Water save: Intelligent timing micro-control sprinkler system, each nozzle corresponds to a tray, effectively control sprinkler area, can save 30-50% of the water

Gen Controller: A new generation of touch screen controller is adopted, which integrates various control systems. It is very easy to operate, can be used by simply conneting electricity and water

Tray: 250 trays, Size - 85 x 40 x 4CM, Food class PE, Special drainage holes, Light white, 50KG bearing capacity. 

Grow period: 5 - 7 days.

Well prepared seeds: Wheat - Barley - Beans - Maize - Alfalfa - Vegetable sprouting -

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