What is hydroponics?


Hydroponics is the process of growing plants in sand, gravel, or liquid, using mineral nutrient solutions, but without soil.

The effectiveness of this method is to allow plants to grow by taking necessary energy and as much nutrient solution required for growing.

This method focuses on providing the plants with constant supply of water, light and oxygen which lead to steady growth and efficient results.


What are Drip Systems?


Hydroponic dripper system is based on drip irrigation which is the procedure of applying small amounts of water and nutrient evenly across a specific area.  Also known as timed feed which delivers water and nutrients directly to the crop root zone, eliminating excess, evaporation, and drift. Hydroponic dripper system leads to saving time, energy, and water but at the same time maximizes harvest.


Why do plant leaves curl up?


Several things cause plants to curl up, but usually it is an indication of an environmental issue such us excess of wind from the fans or that lights are put too close to the plants.


Why do plant leaves curl down?


Overfeeding or nutrient solution being too strong for the plants may cause plants to curl down. Simple rinse plants with water and reduce concentration of nutrient solution.


Do I have to use additives?


In general, it is better not to add additives as they are not essential for the process. But for some cases we recommend using additives to get ideal growth of plants and develop yield size.


How long should I have my lights on for?


Hydroponics World will provide you with necessary information on how long to use lights for different stages of your plant’s growth.


What is the ideal temperature for my grow room?


Temperature in grow room may vary according to humidity levels, generally it is set between 22-28°C close to natural degree needed for smooth growing.


What is the ideal humidity level for my grow room?


Ideal humidity is usually between 45% and 60% although some plants prefer a slightly higher humidity.



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